Please read some of the lovely comments we've received.


"Thanks Steve, the ariels are superb. Great working with you as always".

Phil Slatter - Freedom Media


"Thanks so much, it has been great having you on board and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Many thanks." 

Joelle Wallser - Oi-you.com
"Thanks again the footage was great!  Cheers. Jim"
James O'Garra - The Observatory
"The edit was released this week and has come out wonderfully, the shots you took are really beautiful. "

"Working with Steve (sbaps) was a great experience, we found him reliable and adaptable and most importantly , he worked with us to achieve the epic shots we had envisioned in the storyboarding. Andy Evans, Fortress Island Films Ltd".


" Working with SBAPS allowed us to gain a previously unobtainable perspective on the complex and challenging Neanderthal site of La Cotte de St Brelade.  One of the most significant obstacles in explaining the site to the public is conveying it’s scale and layout which is simply impossible to see on the ground and disappears in traditional satellite imagery. The use of the SBAPS platform gave us the opportunity to share the detail of the site in high resolution with stunning imagery. Our feedback from colleagues and the public has been overwhelming, giving people a chance to understand the site and it’s landscape in a way hitherto impossible. We look forward to working in the future to use their skills both for scientific research and public engagement."


Dr Matt Pope - University College London


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